Graphic Design


Clean and striking design, with a strong focus on colorful, illustrative elements.





Mindanao Trust Fund Collateral

Last year, I had the honor of working with the Mindanao Trust Fund, a World Bank project that enables Bangsamoro institutions to uplift the region via livelihood and other programs. They’ve done great, amazing work, improving the lives of tens of thousands of people in a traditionally conflict-afflicted area of the Philippines. My own contribution to the MTF’s mission was humble: I was there to design collateral materials ranging from ecobags to annual reports to stickers.



Land – Territory, Domain, and Identity

A World Bank report on marginalization through land dispossession in Mindanao, Philippines. The challenge was translating the report – which was of a technical nature – into an intriguing narrative through the use of graphic and layout choices.


The Big Switch

A series of adorable illustrations for a design study on an IT initiative. The colors are bright, striking, and cheerful, immediately catching passersby’s eyes.

The Kooky Cookie

Friends of mine were starting up a cookie baking business, so of course I had to pitch in and help out with a logo design! We developed a few sketches first before moving into the final, kooky design. The end result, I hope, does justice to their delicious confections!

studieslogo lockupsThe-Kooky-Cookie



I was tasked to mockup UI designs for a mobile party game. In the game, users would be given an prompt, followed by a challenging time frame where they were asked to complete a drawing that fits the theme. Based on the drawing, their friends would then guess what the original prompt was! It was fuel for fun, joyful mayhem — perfect for colorful UI screens and cheerful cartoon characters to add that extra punch and personality.


Origami Dolls Advertisement

I designed a bright, friendly poster advertising the sale of origami paper dolls. These were delicately hand-crafted by members of Tomo-Kai, a Philippine-based student organization with the mission of promoting intercultural friendships between the Philippines and Japan. The poster was a delight to make, striking a clean balance between illustration and minimalist graphic design.




A splash of color brings pop and funk to this banner for a student organization’s online shop.




Mental Essence

This personal project aimed to depict mental illnesses into its most essential, graphic design form. These were printed on stiff board cards. On the opposite side, common yet harmful ‘quotes’ were printed out to raise awareness about the issues and stigma that sufferers face.



Series Tree

I love creating simple and clear UI designs. One standout project for me was a set of mockup screens for Series Tree, a 2013 iOS mobile game where users suss out numerical patterns cleverly hidden in a treelike grid.


Evolving Economic Landscapes of Asia

An academic publication gathering together the best in thought pieces about the economic landscape of Asia. I was honored to do the graphic and layout work that gave this book its iconic look.