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hi, I’m momatoes,
and I craft wondrous games, art & design.

Would you like a game to
defeat the apocalypse?

Or a game to confront the
loneliness of ambition?

Click any of the logos above to learn about the game. Or scroll down to see everything – my design philosophy, my other games, my illustrations and projects with international organizations.

Funds raised for charity


as of 1 March

All proceeds from The Magus and Session Zero Online purchases will be donated to a mental health organization in the Philippines.

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A tabletop role-playing game where you defeat the apocalypse.

Light on rules, heavy on the tension, full-throttle adventure.

Dicebreaker’s 10 Upcoming Role-Playing Game You Should Play
Coming to Kickstarter Spring 2021 in partnership with Exalted Funeral

Play this game if:

  • You want to play as aspiring heroes with strange abilities, the only ones who can make the difference
  • You want to experience heart-racing stories where time ticks down to a world-ending calamity
  • You want to run a campaign where everybody is on the same page, everybody has the same stakes, and everybody is working together against one common enemy: the apocalypse

Play this game if:

  • You seek catharsis and wish to explore saudade: profound melancholy for what doesn’t exist: human connection.
  • You want to create unusual and evocative spells that can shake the very foundations of the earth.
  • You want a journaling experience powered by many, shiny dice.
  • You want 50 pages of lusciously crafted layout and graphic design.


The Magus

Pathos, arcana, calamity—and the infinite loneliness of power.

A solo journaling tabletop RPG that takes you on a sweeping journey of ambition at great personal cost.

Inspired by Thousand Year Vampire, Longing, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Lonely Wizard dice set

Eliza from Natural 20 Gaming Goods crafted an exquisite set of dice intended for use with The Magus. Discover more dice and obtain this limited-edition series through the links below.


I craft wondrous games, art, and design that advocate meaningful, layered storymaking.

Our worlds, whether real or imagined, burst with infinite color and perspective. My enduring dream is to unveil a slice of its possibilities—and inspire others to do the same.

Other games

Capybara on a heist, freeform tarot-based storymaking, forgotten gods and their favorite limericks. Visit my Itch page to see my full portfolio of games—downloaded over 3,000 times since 2019.

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Vivid, mysterious, mesmerizing. Digital illustrations drawn with care and craft.

I’ve been drawing wondrous art since 2010, after saving up to buy a secondhand Wacom tablet. The vast majority of my artworks are personal pieces, but I’ve also had the honor of working with RPG designers to bring fantastic concepts to life.

Graphic Design

Working with both indie and corporate clients, I specialize in clean and striking design, with a strong focus on readability. Here are my three favorite projects.

Making Growth Work for the Poor

World Bank Philippines embarked on a landmark 2018 report on poverty in the Philippines. I was commissioned to design its layout plus infographics that can vividly convey the complex story.

I juggled charts, spreadsheets, and reams of writing to come up with an unconventional, eye-striking art direction.

Mindanao Trust Fund

In 2016, I had the honor of working with the Mindanao Trust Fund, a World Bank project that uplifts Bangsamoro institutions via livelihood, capacitation, and other programs. They’ve helped improve the lives of thousands of people living in a conflict-afflicted area of the Philippines.

I worked closely with their team to design a wide array of materials, from ecobags to annual reports to stickers.

Tabletop RPGs

Tabletop RPGs require clear and evocative layout: balancing text and the grid with evocative images that bring out the game’s thematic flavor.

I’ve collaborated with a few indie designers to create the best design for their games, but admittedly I’m a little selfish and tend to focus the majority of my design work on my own games!

About me

I’m Bianca Canoza, a Filipina juggling her day job as an associate communications officer with her many passions and aspirations.

I have extensive experience in creating and delivering on communication strategies, banking on my competencies in change management, technical writing, copyediting, and business storytelling.

I was supposed to be a mainframe programmer, yet here I am—making games, doodling things, and adjusting textboxes by one pixel.

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